Yoga Pose Tutorial: Visvamitrasana (Sage Visvamitra's Pose) - Nichol Joy Chase Yoga
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Yoga Pose Tutorial: Visvamitrasana (Sage Visvamitra’s Pose)

Mini pose tutorial for Visvamitrasana — this is such a beautiful pose, and it is so much fun to do once you have learned how. I remember the first time I saw a picture of this pose. I had only been practicing yoga for a few months, but had over a decade of experience in ballet and modern dance. So…….I looked at at the pose and thought “I think I have the flexibility and strength for that pose — I bet I can do that.” You can imagine my surprise when I tried and fell straight on my butt. The fact is, I did have the flexibility and strength — I just didn’t understand the mechanics of the pose. Needless to say, I eventually figured it out. Hopefully my insights and tips will help you figure it out too! Here it goes…..

1. Start in Warrior 2.

2. Fold your torso down inside your front leg and place both palms on the floor beside the inner edge of your front foot.

3. Work the arm on the same side as your front leg under that leg and place your palm flat on the floor next to the outer edge of your front foot.

4. Lift the heel of the front foot and take your free hand across the top of your foot and clasp the outer edge of your foot.

5. Start to lean back and bring weight into the arm hooked under your leg. Press down into the palm of that arm and straighten your arm like side plank.

6. Lift your front foot off the floor and rotate your chest up toward the ceiling until your chest is facing the side of the room. Press your hips forward until they are in line with your legs and torso.

7. Stretch your legs apart by energetically dragging (isometric action – foot won’t actually move) the foot on the floor back and straightening the front leg forward.

8. As you straighten your front leg, turn your chest up and look up under your top arm.

Give it a try and remember to be patient with this one — it can take a while to figure out. Please let me know if you have questions and let me know how it goes!!

For a short video clip of this pose visit me on Instagram (@nicholchase) or Facebook (Nichol Joy Chase).

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