Yoga Pose Tutorial: Bakasana (Crane/ Crow Pose) - Nichol Joy Chase Yoga
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Yoga Pose Tutorial: Bakasana (Crane/ Crow Pose)

Mini Pose tutorial for Bakasana aka Crane Pose (this is often called Crow pose as well).

1. Start in Malasana (a squat with the inner edges of your feet together and your hips close to your heels — your heels may lift off the floor so you can get your hips all the way down). Keep the inner edges of your feet together and spread your knees wide. Stretch your arms forward and guide your torso between your inner thighs.

2. Lift one hand at a time and hook your upper arm across the shin of the leg on the same side (make sure you hook below your knee and get firm contact with your arm and shin).

3. Lift your hips up and come up higher on the balls of your feet.

4. Shift your weight forward and hug your elbows in until they are in line with your wrists and shoulders.

5. Rock forward more until your elbows stack over your wrists.

6. Lift one foot and then he other foot off the floor — keep shifting your weight forward toward your fingertips to stay in the pose.

7. To work on straightening your arms, look further forward to lift your chest up and lower your hips down so they are equidistant from the floor. Scoop your belly in and up, puff your spine up toward the ceiling and press your hands down strongly as if you could press them through the floor.


To watch a short video clip of the pose, visit my profile on Instagram (@nicholchase) or Facebook (Nichol Joy Chase).

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